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Why do marketplaces still rule? Who are the global innovators? Where is all of the innovation? Join us every week as we explore these topics!

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How to Make My Mum Understand NFTS ? – EP 38 – Ana Jipa – CEO at Olyn

At least we made Ana Jipa laugh as the conversation began. Ana is a co-Founder and the CEO of Olyn. Olyn is a universal asset registry service, built on the blockchain.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Being born in Romania but growing up in Spain and Germany
  • How traveling really helps one understand the world at scale
  • Studied aeronautical engineering
  • Not having a linear career
  • Interning at a VC in Silicon Valley
  • Drawn quickly to entrepreneurship in the Health Care space in Romania
  • Coming back to Spain and joining a startup there (APIs)
  • How companies treat data as a product
  • Learning about eCommerce from a fashion company
  • Focused on technology is changing people’s lives
  • Olyn’s (All In Ownership) genesis
  • Identity linked to payments
  • Allowing third parties to build services via the wallet

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The Crew

We believe that eCommerce has not been solved yet.  However, this is not just our opinion.  On the Dr Tech platform and from the recorded conversations on Michael Waitze Media, we meet the growing group of innovators that are pushing the boundaries of eCommerce daily. 

These are the stories we want to share with you.


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Founder, Michael Waitze Media

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